Kishan Harchandani

Creative Director

Founder, Creative Director, Letterer, YouTuber, Artist, Writer, Thinker, Entrepreneur and still exploring...

Kishan Harchandani is Jaipur, India based Professional Letterist and Graphic Designer. It is his passion area and he worked as Professional Letterist and Graphic Designer in several Graphic Novels like Spell Warriors, The Last Asuran, The One: Abhimanyu, Aghori, Yagyaa The Demon Goddess, Aghori: Age of Immortals, Xavi Origins, The Village and Kaali Origins.

Portfolio of Previous Work (Slide to view Pages)

Spell Warriors | Publisher : Spell Caster | Year 2019
The Last Asuran | Publisher: Holy Cow Entertainment | Year 2019
Yagyaa The Demon Goddess : Publisher: BullsEye | Year 2019
Kaali Origins | Publisher: Mindrune | Year 2019
Xavi Origins | Publisher: Dhaansu Productions | Year 2018
Aghori Age of Immortals | Publisher: Holy Cow Entertainment | Year 2018
The One Abhimanyu : Publisher: MythTower | Year 2018
The Village | Publisher: Yali Dream Creations | Year 2017